Back to Our Roots

The leading trend in food today is the formation of groups and movements as a backlash to mass-produced "fast food" that has little or no quality. 

Some of these groups are the 100 Mile Diet, the Slow Food Movement, Eat Local: Know Where Your Food Comes From movements among others.  The common theme of these groups is to encourage consumers to go back to their roots and to make food the old-fashioned way.
By going back to our roots more attention is put on the quality of food and the integrity of the product by using slower, hands-on methods and by using local products to support local farmers, businesses and counties.

Jensen Cheese has seen the above trend in the cheese making industry.  There has been a resurgence in the small farm-house "artisan" cheese that is not mass produced.  Many of the smaller cheese makers are doing  things by hand and emphasizing quality, taste, and integrity while supporting the local agri-sector.