Jensen Cheese

Jensen Medium Cheddar

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Artisanal cheese traditionally made by hand in open vats at Wilton Cheese Factory (A division of A.M. Jensen) located in Odessa, Ontario. 100% all-natural Canadian cow's milk (pasteurized) from local dairy farms is used. Fresh cream (aka fat) is kept in the milk and not separated, which contributes to the extra creamy texture of our cheddars. There are no additives or artificial flavours added to our cheese.  


Origin/Origine: Ontario, Canada
Milk Type/Type de Lait: Cow / Vache
Manufacturer/Fabricant: A.M. Jensen Limited

Ingredients: Heat treated milk, salt, bacterial culture, microbial enzymes. May contain colour.

Ingredients: Lait traite thermiquement, sel, culture bacterienne, enzymes microbienne. Peut contenir un colorant (rocou).

Milk Fat/Matieres Grasses : 31%
Moisture/Humidite: 37%
Storage/Entreposage: Keep refrigerated / Garder au froid