Storing Cheese

Refrigerate cheddar in its original wrapper.  After cutting, cover it in plastic wrap or foil, or store in an air-tight container.  

Use opened packages of cheddar within four weeks. 

A very large piece of cheddar may be stored in a cool place (best temperature is 4 degrees C) for one month or longer when the cut side is protected with a coat of melted paraffin wax.
Cheddar may be frozen but be aware that freezing cheddar will alter its taste and texture and therefore may be best when used for cooking only.  When freezing cheddar, cut  into pieces no more than 1" thick to equal roughly one pound portions.  Wrap portions in plastic wrap, then foil and label accordingly.
Do not wrap cheddar cheese with other types or flavours of cheese.  Cheddar is very porous and will pick up the flavours and odours of the other items it is wrapped with.