Jensen Cheese Refrigerated Van, Purolator, UPS, Fed-Ex, or ERB Transport are our available delivery* options. Please specify which method you prefer at the time of your order.  Our cheese products are shipped with ice packs in order to maintain their temperature. 

We send shipments out via Purolator, UPS, Fed-Ex, or ERB transport on Mondays and Tuesdays of any given week to ensure the freshness of our products and to avoid having orders sit in warehouses over the weekend. Delivery by the refrigerated Jensen Cheese van depends on the schedule already in place.

Purchases made by buyers, being sent an unsolicited gift, can be shipped to the United States, however, due to increased security at the border, we cannot guarantee the receipt of your order.

Unfortunately, due to the effect of warm temperatures on our cheese during the summer months, we do not recommend shipping cheese during the months of June, July, or August.

*Canada Post can be a delivery option, however we cannot guarantee our product when shipped through Canada Post as it is not delivered in a refrigerated vehicle. Erb Transport is a refrigerated transport service.