Arla Dofino Roasted Garlic Havarti

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Made with fresh milk directly from Arla farmers – Arla Havarti is a naturally tasty way to satisfy your cravings whatever the size. Combine Arla Havarti with your favorite vegetables, fruit, meat or bread and you have a meal any time of day that is both delicious and wholesome.  It’s creamy and semi soft texture makes it easy to cut for that perfect sandwich, or snack.  This savoury flavour variant comes with roasted garlic.


Origin/Origine: Canada and Denmark / Canada et Danemark
Milk Type/Type de Lait: Cow I Vache
Manufacturer/Fabricant: Arla Foods, Ltd.

Ingredients: Pasteurized milk, bacterial culture salt, spice blend, (garlic, salt, flavour, parsley, soy lecithin), microbial enzyme, calcium chloride.

Ingredients: Lait pasteurise, culture bacterienne, sel, mélange d’espice (ail, sel, saveur, persil, lechithine de sojo), enzyme
microbienne, chlorure de calcium.

Milk Fat Matieres Grasses : 35%
Moisture/Humidite: 42%
Storage/Entreposage: Keep refrigerated / Garder au froid